November 8, 2013


Thursday, November 14th at 7:00 pm,
Trustee's Room (Upper Convocation Center)
On Thursday, November 14 at 7 p.m. in the Trustees Room of the Myers Convocation Center, students from the Ashland University Foreign Language and Art departments present "Sensing Literature from Latin American and the Caribbean," a collaborative work with the College of Arts and Sciences' Symposium Against Indifference: Engaging Latin America and the Caribbean.  The event will present an assemblage of literary masterpieces and original digital images. This contemporary interpretation of literature and art will take the audience on a journey of Latin America, its history and its quest for cultural identity and freedom. 

The University students are the guides at this event which will travel through the literature of the region, along with its geography and history, as well as cultural, political and social struggles.  For five centuries literature has been one of the main instruments for Latin Americans to construct and express their identities, to share their political views, fight different types of repression and conceive alternative orders.  Through their own interpretations of these literary works, students will invite us to explore and reflect on these issues, and motivate views that consider the complexities of the history and current realities of the region.
Students have created assemblages of bilingual readings of literary texts and original digital images.  By listening to the readings in their original language, the audience will experience the sound, rhythm and other features that interpellate us through our senses and not our intellect. English versions of the texts will involve spectators in the realities and issues addressed by the original authors, while visual creations will connect the audience with contemporary views of cultural products created in other historical moments and contexts. Alejo Carpentier, from Cuba, Oswald de Andrade from Brazil, and Gloria AnzaldĂșa, from the United States, are some of the authors included in this literary/artistic event.