February 26, 2012

Call to Action: Remember Nhu

Would you like to know more about how to get involved with the Remember Nhu organization and prevent children from ever entering the sex trade?  Remember Nhu is seeking for individuals to help their cause.  The following positions need to be filled by the organization.  If you are interested in getting involved, visit www.remembernhu.org, send an email to info@remembernhu.org, or call 1-877-435-7648.

1) Fundraising Champion – help raise funds for Remember Nhu
2) Speaking Champion – speak at churches and/or colleges on behalf of Remember Nhu
3) Trade Show Champion – go to trade shows and career days on behalf of Remember Nhu
4) College Funds Champion – contact colleges, businesses, churches, and individuals on behalf of Remember Nhu for college funds for the rescued children
5) Groups Champion – start and organize student groups at colleges and schools on behalf of Remember Nhu
6) Create Your Own Champion – come up with a creative way to fundraise for Remember Nhu. This could be a track event, youth group fundraiser, etc.
7) Internet Research Champion – search the internet and books written for information about child sex trafficking and prevention
8) Proposal Champion – on occasion writing proposal on behalf of Remember Nhu. This could be from business proposals to limited projects
9) Advanced Training of Vision Trips Champion – write an advanced training manual for Vision Tips
10) Children’s Home Sponsor Champion – write a brochure for “Sponsoring an Entire Children’s Home”
11) Carl’s Schedule – plan and keep Carl Ralston’s schedule
12) Travel Arrangements Champion – purchase tickets and make reservations
13) Follow-up Champion – follow up on a list of things for Carl
14) Golf Outing Coordinator Champion – coordinate one or more Golf Outings on behalf of Remember Nhu
15) Grants Champion: Write Remember Nhu Grants – search for and write grants on behalf of Remember Nhu