September 22, 2011

"Where Am I Wearing?" -- Call to Action

If you enjoyed learning more about the garment industry or other cultures at the “Where am I Wearing” presentation, be sure to check out Kelsey Timmerman's website for information about how to get involved. 

In addition, you can find out more about other resources right here at AU.

Get immersed in a curriculum of fashion analysis, textiles and fashion evolution as well as business courses in marketing, retail merchandising and advertising. You may even study in New York City or Paris, and when you graduate, you’ll be ready to begin a career in merchandising, buying, retail, design and more.

You can participate in a cooperative program your junior year to complete an associate of arts degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and return to Ashland to finish your bachelor’s degree. Or, spend a month in Paris at the Paris Fashion Institute earning credits that transfer to Ashland. When you graduate, you’ll be ready to begin your career bringing the latest fashions to the marketplace.

What You’ll Love About the Fashion Merchandising Major:
  • You will have lots of opportunities to express your creativity through fashion show presentations, service learning projects and hands-on class assignments such as working with a local entrepreneur to develop a line of tote bags (recent class project) or designing an evening dress or sports outfit. 
  • You will undertake a research project of your own choosing such as these recent projects: College Students Beliefs and Knowledge about Environmentally Friendly Fashion, The Effects of Fair-Trade Knowledge on Buying Habits of College-Age Consumers
  • You will complete an internship within the fashion industry that gives you an up-close look at your exciting career ahead.

To learn more about the Fashion Merchandising major here at AU, contact Nancy Morris, Associate Professor, 419-289-5296,


Our Global Education Office can help you identify places to study abroad. The Global Education Office promotes learning opportunities for all eligible Ashland University students to gain an understanding of other regions, countries, languages, and cultures through educational travel in the US and abroad. Visit the Global Education Office on the 7th floor of the Library or check out their website online to learn more about the following programs available to AU students:

Semester, Summer or Academic-Year Programs
There are many opportunities to study abroad for a summer, semester or longer through Ashland University exchanges, the CCCS, and CCIS programs.

Faculty Led Programs
Participate in a short-term (typically 3 weeks or less) course coordinated by Ashland University faculty.

Ashland University in Costa Rica
Study intensive Spanish in Costa Rica. Prerequisite: Successful completion of FL 171 and 172.

COBE in Taiwan
Students will spend six and a half weeks at Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan while earning 9 credits (6 are completed during the summer and the remaining 3 will be completed in the fall).

Student Teaching Abroad & in the Southern USA
Education majors have the opportunity to student teach abroad, in South Carolina or in Florida.

Cambodia Service Learning Summer Tour
A summer service-learning trip is being offered this summer to Cambodia, where you can earn 1 service learning credit.
Fashion and Food in Paris
A France tour will be offered this spring (March 2-10) to enhance student understanding of culture. This tour is tied to 2 courses offered this spring in Family and Consumer Sciences, FCS 211, Clothing and Culture, and FCS 221, Food and Culture. Both courses fulfill the International Perspectives Requirement.

To speak to someone directly about these and other exciting opportunities, contact Rebecca Parillo, Director of Global Education at 419.289.5870,

Or consider combining the two opportunities to see and learn about the garment industry in other countries up close and personal.